Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management, Penn State

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I am a Ph.D. candidate at Penn State in the Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management. My research focuses on social equity and environmental justice issues related to urban parks and public spaces. I am currently on the job market for the 2019-2020 cycle.

Current CV


Research Overview

How do we fund, build, and manage parks equitably?

My research is at the intersection of critical urban geography, community development, and leisure sciences. I theorize and test environmental and social justice outcomes of urban park development, financing, management, and use.  

Within this arena, I study environmental (or green) gentrification, community engagement, and social and health outcomes.

Apart from my dissertation, I have plans to measure public opinions of parks and homelessness; examine relationships between private park spending and social equity; and better understand connections between climate adaptation plans, climate gentrification, and health equity.

Teaching Overview

Core to my teaching is helping students develop an understanding of the social impacts of parks and recreation on communities. I do this in part by using examples from my research. I believe keeping research and teaching closely tied helps students become more compassionate and engaged professionals.

I have taught an undergraduate course in nonprofit management of parks and recreation and an online section of our department’s introductory general education course.

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